STCW Compliant US Coast Guard Approved 
Leadership & Managerial Skills Course

In association with INLEACO, Inc., the Marine Leadership Group is pleased to offer the Leadership and Managerial Skills course required of all captains, chief engineers and watch keepers who have a USCG certificate of competency.


The course meets all the STCW requirements and is approved by the USCG for all officers at the management level as follows:
- Master or Chief Mate of 500 gross tonnage or more (II/2)
- Chief or Second Engineer of 1000 hp or more (III/2)
Please note: When taking the Leadership and Managerial Skills Training course, participants also receive qualifications for the Leadership and Team Work skills course. 


To meet the standards for USCG approval, our program follows the requirements as set out in Tables A-II/2, A-III/2 and A-III/6 of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) which now incorporates the Manila amendments.


The course meets all the latest mandatory requirements for approved training in leadership and management at the management level for the USCG and the standards of competence to be achieved as well as the associated assessments/tasks. It satisfies the STCW requirements as amended in 2010 for Leadership and Management Skills Training at the Management Level for deck and engineering officers.


This training is a pre-requisite for a management level Certificate of Competency (CoC) issued by the USCG upon meeting the requirements of Regulation II/2 and III/2.


Course Syllabus:
Students will be able to control the operation of the ship and care for persons on board at the management level through the use leadership and managerial skills to ensure that:

* The crew are allocated duties and informed of expected standards of work and behaviour in a manner appropriate to the individuals concerned

* Training objectives and activities are based on assessment of current competence and capabilities and operational requirements;

* Operations are planned and resources are allocated as needed in correct priority to perform the necessary tasks;

* Communication is clearly and unambiguously given and received;

* Effective leadership behaviours are demonstrated;

* Necessary team member(s) share an accurate understanding of current and predicted vessel state and operational status and external environment;

* Decisions are most effective for the situation;

* Operations are demonstrated to be effective and in accordance with applicable rules.


For crew members who want to take leadership training for personal and professional development, but are not masters or engineers, we have specific workshops for you no matter your position or rank. Take a look at the workshops we offer and sign up today. If there are any questions about those courses, please contact us at


*Our USCG course is held at 1043 SE 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

*The course runs Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, with an hour break for lunch. Sign up in advance using the registration form below.

*All materials are provided on the first morning of the course. Upon completion of the training participants receive a USCG approved certificate.


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