November 2015 – MOTIVATION

Most people think motivation comes from a paycheque. In reality money can help get people motivated, but motivation from money is fleeting.

People are motivated by many things, one of which is to find meaning in your job.  How much meaning you place on what you do directly influences your motivation for your tasks and activities.

Perhaps you find great meaning in your work by delivering 5-star, outstanding customer service. Others may find meaning from challenging themselves. This can be as simple as doing a task faster today than yesterday. Others are motivated by gaining expertise; for example, becoming an expert at driving the tender or navigating or repairing air conditioning systems.

The meaning you find for your work comes from within and is unique to you. Don’t expect someone else to give you inspiration or hope your paycheque will keep you motivated. Put in the effort to figure out for yourself what meaning you get from your job.  When you do, you’ll find yourself more enthusiastic about your work every day. 

As a leader, what do you do to help those around you see and experience meaning in their work? That's a question to ask yourself in your day to day role.

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