We offer leadership training and coaching for captains and crew in the yachting and the greater marine industry.

We do not offer HELM related courses. Our focus is to sincerely help you grow as a leader, rather than supply a course for the sake of taking a course.

Captains and crew who take training like this experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Greater employee loyalty
  • Increased employee job satisfaction
  • Reduced costs to the organization and ultimately the boss
  • Increased repeat charter bookings
  • Greater organizational efficiency


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The seminar is taking place at Bahia Mar Hotel in Fort Lauderdale from 7:30 pm until 8:30 pm in the Clipper Room.

In the hour we will discuss essential leadership characteristics you should be aware of as a leader or a future leader. Additionally we will briefly discuss leadership communication, creating employee engagement and teamwork.

Come with lots of questions!

Register now for the FREE Seminar 

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Read our one-page report outlining the foundational characteristics for outstanding leadership.




Being a leader is not for everyone! However, EVERYONE on a team should learn what it takes to be a leader. Learning leadership tools enables followers to know which of their own behaviours to change in order to benefit their leader. Leaders and followers will then better understand how to support each other. A follower will have a better understanding of what the leader is going through and can ask them self: What challenges do I think the leader is going through? How would I see the issue if I were in the leader’s chair? What is it that he or she can’t discuss that might explain the problems better?

Having a deeper understanding of leadership creates organizational alignment with followers, higher morale, as well as higher performance among employees, followers or volunteers.

This is why everyone should learn the tools of leadership.

Participating in leadership training and coaching means improving as a listener, communicator, trust builder and becoming a more credible person whom others want to follow. Therefore no matter your role or position in a team, learning leadership abilities creates a better team environment for everyone.

The Marine Leadership Group gives you the tools you need to grow and develop as an authentic leader. The tools provided bring out the best in you and those around you.

Getting placed in a leadership role is only the beginning!
How many times have you heard about someone getting promoted into a supervisory role, a leadership role, because they were good at a technical skill related to their work? It happens all the time. However, once the new leader is in their position, how often do they get the necessary organizational support for success through training in essential leadership skills like effective communication, consensual decision making, or conflict resolution? Training for the new leadership role is critical for future success.

Join us in our training workshops as we work through the various aspects necessary to improve your leadership skills. We do this by giving you the tools to deepen your self-knowledge and increase your competence to achieve outstanding future results. We want you to be amazingly successful and effective in your role as a leader.

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